Case it up

Today we thought we’d talk about laptop cases and how to know the right one for your laptop and you!

  • The most basic question of course is does your laptop fit into the case? Make sure the laptop fits comfortably into the case. It shouldn’t move around much but you must be able to put in your hand easily into it to remove it.
  • The texture of the case matters too! Get something soft not hard like the traditional briefcase. A soft case will hold the laptop more securely, whereas a laptop in a hardcase tends to move around and may cause damage to the outer body of the laptop.
  • Storage. A case with a few pouches is more convenient. We need pouches for storing accessories like say paper clips for example, office supplies or important documents, pen drives, hard discs and other things you usually carry around with you.
  • Your case should open to display two large and separate areas. You can slide your laptop into one and put paper, notepads, or computer accessories into the other area.
  • Zippers are preferred over snaps, buckles, or latches. Be sure however that the zipper isn’t touching the laptop or is too tight and hence might end up damaging the laptop.
  • Having an easy-access pouch on the case’s outside helps with storing important documents and other things that you need to grab and go.
  • Something to hold on to your case like a handle or if not a handle then make sure there’s a side strap that is long enough.
  • A backpack can also make a great laptop carrying case. Most backpacks nowadays have a compartment to safe keep your laptop. The bonus of a backpack is that shouldering the backpack keeps both your arms and hands free and doesn’t feel heavy.

The whole point of a laptop case is to protect. Make sure that these above points are taken care of for a longer and optimum life of your laptop. Make sure every point out of this list is checked out and if not all then choose what floats your boat.

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