Bags Bags Bags!

We are back yet again! In this blog we would like to just give a brief account on the types of women’s bags you can buy- online or not.

Before we go ahead we would like to warn you that the choices are crazy! Let’s go shop bags online!

  • Shoulder bag– The shoulder bag is a classic. It was once the main handbag type of the ’90s, and is back with a bang. It’s an easy bag to hold and style. Wear it on your shoulder, carry it in your hands or use it as a clutch.
  • Crossbody bag– Crossbody bags are supreme, because of their hands free appeal. Throw one across your body and forget about struggling to carry bags and phone in your hands.
  • Micro mini bag–  The micro minis of today are mostly useful for an evening out, and advised to use when only your lip-gloss, your I.D., and phone are the tings you will need.
  • Bucket bag– The bucket bag craze slowed down a bit in recent years, but it will never go out of style. The new bucket bags are bigger and made with better leather and have no doubt become even more stylish.
  • Backpack– Backpacks have no longer remained just for schools or kids. Backpacks are great for days when you want to walk a lot or have gone shopping. Hands free is the best way to be! Make sue to check bags online.
  • Clutch– At one point, clutches had completely disappeared from our modern busy lives. As vintage styles became more mainstream, the clutch has resurged in the industry. Cool over-sized styles and interesting fabrics are a must try to elevate your fashion trend.

Make sure you choose the right and perfect one for your outfit and of course according to your day planned. Colour also plays a very important part. A basic guide is to wear complementary colours, prints with no prints and maybe you could also try going monochrome… Have fun and experiment.

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