Leather Terminology

If you’re a leather lifestyle devotee like us, you are probably more interested in learning about the various terms used in the leather world. Here are a few to get you started!

Grain: This refers to the natural markings on the surface of leather. Read our other article for more on full grain, split grain etc.

Patina: A ‘luster’ look that comes naturally as the leather ages.

Hand: The softness or the feel of a particular type of leather.

Buffing: A process used to minimize surface level imperfections in the hide. It makes the final product a little more uniform, but also brings out some natural grain that makes every leather product unique.

Finishing: This refers to the application of a clear or pigmented coat onto the hide. The purpose is to provide resistance to abrasion, stains etc while enhancing the product’s colours. Finish may be applied multiple times to increase stiffness, depending on the end use of the leather.

Sauvage: This is a 2-tone effect that adds more depth.

Milling: A natural process to soften the leather, where it is tumbled in a dry drum.

Embossing: This is a process of mechanically imprinting a pattern onto the surface of the leather. Eg. Alligator print, snake print, etc.

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